All Natural Facial Spa: Pure + Simple

Those of you who have followed me for some time or who knows me personally knows that I am into living a holistic lifestyle. I also consider myself pretty low maintenance and frugal, opting to spend my extra earnings on fitness classes, organic food and of course travel. I have never been the type of girl to spend money regularly getting manicures, facials, etc.  With respect to facials specifically, part of that was because I didn’t see the value in the cost,  and partly because I am particular about using clean beauty products and most spas don’t offer brands I would use. That was until I discovered Pure + Simple.


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I admittedly had one of my first facials at Pure + Simple on King street in the fall of 2018, and fully had the intention of coming back in a few months. But then life got in the way, as did priorities. However, once summer 2019 hit, I noted my skin took a turn for the worse- cystic breakouts, sun spots, malasma etc. As someone who hates wearing makeup, I became dependent on tinted moisturizers and/or self tanners to cover up the scars and uneven skin. I prefer the natural get-up-and-go look, so this was a difficult transition for me, especially at the gym where the makeup would cause me to break out more, thus leading to more scarring , thus leading to more makeup. It was a viscous cycle.

I slowly started paying attention to my skin, realizing that washing it daily in the shower and putting on moisturizer in the morning wasn’t enough. I began to analyze the faces of friends and others on social media, noting those that had  flawless skin. I needed to know what these ladies were doing to achieve that #nomakeup healthy glow. And the number 1 secret every one of them shared was facials! I began to realize I was wrong in not making the largest organ in my body a priority. 

Beauty is not my forte so I did a lot of research into finding out what a low maintenance person like myself would need, and I slowly adopted a skin care routine I could maintain. It took some time to adjust to this regime (I didn’t start washing my face until my 30s, and only started using SPF a couple years ago so trust me this is a massive improvement for me) : face wash, moisturizer with SPF, vitamin C serum for the day, face oil for the night, rose water and a face mask once a week, and complimenting it with monthly facials.

While I am a client of Pure + Simple , having purchased many of my natural skin care products from their sustainable beauty shop, I was excited when they asked to collaborate for a post on Instagram. But I wanted to also write a blog for someone like myself who doesn’t know where to begin and is conscious of the types of products used on their skin. All of the products they use and sell are non-toxic and mostly organic. And for those of you who care about the environment, they have partnered with organizations like “Environmental Defence” which cares about climate change.


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It is no surprise then that Pure + Simple is voted as the #1 facial spa in the city by BlogTO, Narcity and NOW, to name a few. Their model is holistic, based on Ayurvedic principles, with each facial being customized to your skin type and profile. They look at both external and internal factors that affects your skin.  This is especially great for novice clients like myself who have no idea where to start. They have made it easy for you to take care of your skin type based on your profile by taking this holistic skincare quiz and they can email you back your skin type:


I had started adopting a skin care regime about 2 months prior to the facial appointment so my skin was in much better condition than it was this summer. But I was excited when the aesthetician did an analysis of my skin prior to the facial (highly recommend you have them do this) who determined that I would benefit from a “SUPER HYDRATING FACIAL”. I have combination skin, leaning more towards oily so I was surprised she it was dry, but after the facial I noted that my skin had that glowing flawless look for a couple days so clearly this was the most appropriate choice for me. It turns out that I have dry skin with occasional breakouts, so if this is you as well, then this type of facial may be for you too. Be sure to ask for a recommendation, especially if it is your first time at that spa.


The facial appointment entailed using the following in this order:

  • Cleanser
  • Facial Serum
  • Facial Oil
  • Exfoliation
  • LED *
  • Hydrating Mask
  • Rose Water Spray followed by the use of cold Oxygen


  • The LED lights used included the light blue light for acne, and the red light for skin tightening and anti aging


Since this appointment, I purchased the Pure + Simple Rose Hydrosol (rose water spray) and I am obsessed! It is hydrating and even though it is advertised for someone with rosacea, it is a great product for both winter and summer. I have added this to my skin care routine and I am happy that I am back to my natural makeup free look. I still have a ways to go, but I am keen to continue with regular facials.


For more information, please check out Pure +  Simple’s Website:


Please feel free to use my discount code “JESSY15”.  This gives you 15% off both products and facials. 







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