Tips for a better sleep

Sleep deprivation i.e. not getting enough sleep to feel alert, can have serious consequences on our quality of life including our productivity, mood, physical appearance, and in some cases may affect safety (of ourselves and others). While it is impossible to get a good night’s sleep every night with life stressors, jet lag, being a new mum/dad etc., there are steps you can take towards improving your overall quality of sleep.




Here are a few tips I recommend for better sleep:

  1. Be consistent with your  sleep patterns i.e. try to go to bed the same time every night and wake up the same time every day (+/- 1-2 hours on weekends and other occasions)
  2. Avoid interrupted sleep. This is hard for new parents and other life circumstance but if there were occasions, where you want to crash for a couple of hours then scheduled wake-up, I would recommend avoiding this.
  3. Avoid taking naps.
  4. Always make your bed first thing when you wake up in the morning so you are not tempted to go back to bed. Also, keep your place bright so you are not tempted to fall back asleep i.e. raise the blinds
  5. Use a proper blanket or cover. If you are someone who gets cold easily, opt for a thicker cover like a duvet.
  6. Dress in appropriate sleepwear; match your temperature so you are not too hot or are not too cold in your selection of sleep attire.
  7. Spray your pillow and sheets with lavender.
  8. Invest in a good mattress, pillows and sheets. Thank you for setting up every night for sweet dreams. The pillow, especially, I melt into every night.
  9. Avoid drinking 1-2 hours before bed so you can avoid waking up to go to the bathroom. Also, avoid anything caffeinated. I usually opt for hot water with lemon after dinner.
  10. Have a bath or shower before bed
  11. Create an environment that caters to good sleep- cozy bedroom, clutter free, right temperature for you
  12. No electronics before bed- no social media, no browsing the internet, no TV. Opt for reading a book, meditating, having a conversation with your partner, listening to a podcast or journaling.


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Sweet Dreams~




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