Never ENDY Good Sleep

“Sleep is one of the most important habits you have. Your mental and physical health depends on it” – Unknown.

We all know that the quality of our sleep can set the tone for the next day. Nothing beats waking up feeling all fresh and well-rested. Moreover, being able to sleep on a comfortable bed is next-level awesome. Like many people, I value my sleep quality. I used to live by the philosophy that I will sleep when I am dead, and after years of 4-5 hours per night sleep during university, I learnt that was all my body needed to function well the next day – or so I thought. A few years ago, I shifted to practice what I was preaching – overall wellness, which included getting a good night sleep of 7-8 hours, which is what my body needs. I thought I was doing really well in the sleep department…


Earlier this year I stayed over at a friend’s place for a girls’ night. She had an ENDY bed and I legit felt like I was staying at a five-star hotel. The next day, her mattress was the focus of our breakfast conversation. Shamefully, I admitted that I never owned a new mattress; I always got them second hand from family and friends (I know, totally gross but in my minimalist mind, nothing a good steam cleaner and a mattress cover can’t solve). For months, I would crack a joke to my friend that we needed to have another girls’ night aka staycation for me so I can have another excuse to sleep over in her comfortable bed.


Fast forward a few months, and my excitement levels went into ecstatic mode when ENDY offered to collaborate with me by gifting me a mattress, pillows and bedsheets. Aside from the fun I had with unboxing, I was getting my very first new mattress and one that would make me feel like I am at a luxury hotel.



It has been just over 2 months and I can honestly say I have looked forward to bedtime more than usual. The mattress has zero motion transfer, meaning that when the person sleeping next to me rolls around, I do not feel it and vice versa. I have scoliosis so I am not a fan of hard beds nor am I am a fan of mattresses I can sink into. I love that ENDY mattresses provide comfort and support, without pressure points. And if that wasn’t enough, ENDY Comfort Foam is temperature neutral, so it is consistent all year round.
I always hear people talking about thread count this and cotton that, but I never paid it much attention before. I never knew how comfortable 480 thread count sheets could be! The ENDY sheets are silky smooth and super soft. Not to mention for my busy lifestyle, putting them on the mattress is super quick and easy- just align the ENDY logo of the sheet with the mattress and voila!


Now my favourite part of my new bed- the ENDY pillows. You can adjust the firmness by removing foam from the pillows. I have never heard of this before and pillows are the one thing I am super picky about. I love that the ENDY pillow has the breathable qualities of foam with the plush feel of down. As I am a side sleeper, I keep all the foam in for a firm feel but it’s still soft enough for comfort.

While ENDY was generous enough to gift me these items, my recommendations preceded this collaboration. I am a huge fan of this Canadian based company and I truly love their products.

Use promo code SCRUBS50 and get $50 off of any size ENDY mattress.



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