Top 5 Healthy Food Spots in Toronto

As a certified holistic nutritionist, even as one not currently working with clients, I frequently get asked  for recommendations on good healthy food places in Toronto. I fully admit I am not a foodie, and with the exception of Thai, Indian or sushi, I rather eat at home. I love eating whole foods because it is what makes me feel good and it will always be my first choice.

Eating healthy can be expensive, and sometimes it is cheaper to cook the meals at home, but when you are in a pinch, don’t feel like cooking or would like to socialize over a meal, then it is good to have a few go to spots.

I am sharing with you my top 5 healthy food spots in downtown Toronto. I’ve been to each of these restaurants several times, and thus consistently a contender in my books.

This post is 100% not sponsored; all meals were paid for at full price and these opinions are all my own.



If you are looking for a sit down restaurant for a girls’ get together or date night, Planta is the place for you. The decor is on point, the service is stellar and the food is mouth watering. Planta, as the name suggests, is plant based restaurant that promotes environmental sustainability.





They have 2 locations in Toronto: Planta in Yorkville and Planta Burger.

Some of my favourites items off the menu include :

  • coconut ceviche
  • watermelon poke
  • truffle fries
  • planta burger
  • habibi salad




Coconut Ceviche (bottom plate), Moroccan salad & Cashew Chai Tea Latte. 


For more information, check out their website:



Kupfert & Kim is also a plant based “fast” food type restaurant, whose concept revolves around “meatless” and “wheatless”.  I always mispronounce it “Comfort & Kim” because it’s my kind of comfort food.


Kupfert & Kim has several locations across the city, so be sure to check one out. They have smoothie bowls and healthy pasties to go, along with all day breakfast.




Some of my favourites off the menu include:

  • vanilla cacao smoothie
  • almond cacao smoothie bowl
  • K&K waffle
  • pesto quinoa
  • curry bowl
  • cauliflower tahini



Pesto Quinoa Salad 


For more information on Kupfert & Kim, check out the link below:



Another plant based restaurant in the city, Fresh foods are made daily in house from whole natural ingredients.  They also have cold pressed juices, pastries, and hot drinks to go.


I have been going here for almost 8 years, and I still very much enjoy their food. Some of my favourites include:

  • Tangled Thai salad
  • Monster Protein salad
  • Buddha bowl
  • Beach fresh bowl
  • date almond power shake
  • Detox tonic drink
  • charcoal green cold pressed lemonade
  • Ginger fireball tea
  • Peppermint chlorophyll hot chocolate



Detox tonic tea with Tangled Thai 


For more information on Fresh (not to be confused with Freshii, please check out:



A Hawaiian and Californian inspired food chain across Toronto, Calii Love offers a variety of sustainable, fresh and organic foods. Best known for their poke bowls and smoothie bowls, Calii love provides a tropical ambiance within an urban jungle.




I take Pilates classes above the Calii Love on King Street (@ZenHot Pilates), so it offers the perfect grab and go options as well as some sit down yummy bowls.




Some of my favourites include:

  • Peach yogurt parfait
  • any of the smoothie bowls but most especially “dreamy”
  • Amazing poke bowl


It is one of my  go to spots for grab n go tea:

  • Tea latte especially coconut
  • Activated charcoal latte
  • Collagen latte
  • Golden Milk Latte


For more information, please check out:



Impact kitchen is hands down my favourite restaurant at the moment. If they have a frequent flyer program, I would probably be one of their top contenders. They recently opened up a new location on my route to/from work, so I pop in at least once a week for their cold pressed juices or tea lattes.



Zesty Mexican bowl 

The company is built on the belief that food has the power to shape our daily lives. They provide food that is fresh, local and organic. What is unique about Impact Kitchen is that they work with a team of chefs, nutritionists and fitness experts to ensure that each item on the menu has a nutritional purpose.


Some of my favourites include:

  • power breakfast with salmon
  • Zesty Mexican Bowl
  • Harvest Power Bowl
  • Macro bowl (you can build your own)
  • Bone broth!!!


I have yet to try but have heard that their Paleo chicken and waffles is amazing. It’s on the list!


For more information on Impact Kitchen, please check out:


Thank you for reading some of my favs.






2 thoughts on “Top 5 Healthy Food Spots in Toronto

  1. Thanks for this helpful info. I’m making a plan to go tour to your city as I feel so much bore in this lock down.
    However, I am a foodie and love to taste thai foods and recipes. But I was confused on which restaurant I should go when I visit Toronto.
    Thankfully, now I have a handful of options. Thanks for sharing this indepth info.
    One question- is there any restriction to visit your country due to Covid-19? Are the restaurants open?
    Waiting for your response…


    1. Thank you! This blog is a little outdated now. Due to covid, some places have shut down. Additionally, restaurants are on restriction and their is a possibility of lockdown again. As for Thai, there are 2 great places- “Pai” on Duncan and “Khao San Road” off of Charlotte.


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