Mason Jar Meals

Outdoor weather is finally here. It’s time to take your meals outside, and what better way than in a mason jar.

They can be used for many recipes including the following:


1. Salads 

I love putting layers of ingredients for my salads including greens (spinach/kale/lettuce), fruits (berries/sliced peaches/dried fruit), nuts (pecans/walnuts/sliced almonds), protein (egg/chicken/sliced turkey) and something filling (quinoa/spiralized zucchini/soba noodles).





2. Overnight Oats 

Overnight oats are the quickest way to make a well balanced breakfast to-go. In a smaller mason jar, I put in 1 cup of overnight oats, with 1 scoop of Vega or Genuine Health plant based protein powder, nuts like pecans or cashews, add sometimes cacao nibs. I soak overnight in almond or coconut milk, and then the next day add some fresh fruit like berries or peaches.




3. Chia Pudding

Similar to overnight oats, these can be made the night before. In a mason jar, add 1/2 cup Chia seeds, with a combination of berries, protein (peanut/almond butter or protein powder) etc.

For full recipe, please see link to a previous post





4. Yogurt Parfait 

Another quick breakfast or snack for me is a Greek Yogurt Parfait. I always use plain Greek yogurt, which has less artificial additives than the flavored kinds. An alternative for those with dairy issues is to use a lactose free kind (using the plain option). I layer with nuts and berries for added flavour and nutrients.




Hope you enjoyed some of my quick go to recipes. Stay tuned for a Wellness book coming this fall with over 100 recipes, and more blog posts to come.






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