Top Instagrammable Spots in Toronto: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my top  instagrammable spots in Toronto. I spent almost a year exploring the city and with over 200 spots, came up with my top 50.


The first 25 can be found at this link below:

Top Instagrammable Spots in Toronto: Part 1


The final 25 are as follows below. As with the first post, some of the spots I have selected are well known while others, I believe, are underrated. And some are season dependent so makes for a fun challenge year round.


  1. Early Bird Espresso & Cafe

The rooftop patio from late spring to early fall is the perfect peaceful escape from the city. With it being one of my favourite cafes in the city, I welcome any excuse to enjoy their smoothie bowls, avocado toast and/or chai tea latte.




2.  “This is Paradise” sign

A few blocks west of Queen and Spadina, one can find this bright mural popular amongst many bloggers.




3. Dundas Peak and Webster’s Fall

This isn’t exactly in Toronto but with less an hour drive, it’s an area that’s worth the trip. One can make a day of it by hiking the region and checking out the waterfalls.





4. Casa Loma

Yes the city of Toronto has it’s very own Castle. You can do a tour, take part in an escape room activity or in the summer time attend one of their symphony in the garden events.




5. Spadina Museum

Spadina Museum is a stone’s throw from Casa Loma. The grounds are worth exploring in the summer, and the perfect spot to have a picnic or read a book.




6.  Bar Reyna

I can’t say enough about the aesthetics of this restaurant,  which is located in Yorkville. The patio especially is one of my favourites in the city especially since the decor is Pinterest worthy!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset



7. Grange Park by OCAD in the Fall

The autumn leaves combined with the infamous CN tower make for a breathtaking photo.




8.  Jack’s Coffee Truck in Yorkville

I think this is the cutest cafe on wheels so naturally I had to include this in my instaworthy backdrops.




 9.  Mamman Cafe

The decor (combined with the lavender tea latte) including in the bathroom, makes this one of my favourite spots in the city. They also have a franchise in New York City!



10. The Vog Vault

This is a shoe store on Queen street that has an illusion room and cute patio in the summer. It’s a place that’s not well known so if you want to have some unique shots of the city, then check it out.





11. Wish Restaurant

Located on Charles street near Yorkville, the patio in the summer has all the Bali feels.




12. Outside Intercontinental Hotel




13. Riverdale Park

The view of the city during sunset is one of the best at Riverdale Park.




14. Kitten and Bear

I featured this place in my tea blog a few months ago with respect to it being one of the best cafes for high tea  (TEA-licious: top Tea Cafes in Toronto) but it should also be noted for the decor and ambiance.




15. Scarborough Bluffs

Caribbean or Greater Toronto Area?




16. Woodbine Beach

I love visiting here a few times every summer. It’s the perfect place to job, workout, paddle board, play volleyball, or even just go for a stroll.





17. Mural outside Brooklyn Bar

If you love angel wings then this mural is up there




18. Calii Love on King

On the same theme of angel wings….

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset



19. Evergreen Brickworks

A series of heritage buildings converted into stores, markets, restaurants and art exhibits. In the summer, farmers’ markets are popular as well as a Christmas market over the winter season, with a skating rink to boot (disclaimer- the rink was not opened 2017).




20. Tom Jones Restaurant

From outside the restaurant on King

IMG_0770 9.52.00 PM



21. Dineen Coffee Co





22.  Cafe Cancan

The patio in the summer is instaworthy





23. Graffiti Alley

A super popular spot amongst bloggers and listed as a top Toronto to do, graffiti alley is a must.




24. Thompson Pool Rooftop




25. Park behind Eaton Centre in the fall

Toronto-20111103-00864 18-52-52



Hope you enjoyed my top 50 instagrammable spots in Toronto!




39 thoughts on “Top Instagrammable Spots in Toronto: Part 2

  1. Some lovely spots and shots here! That first one is ace with the skyline from the pool! I have visited and went to centre island where I got some great shots of the city skyline.


    1. No, as I mentioned in the blog, many of these are not well known but are underrated. And as with anywhere, mornings are usually the least busiest times to visit.


  2. Bookmarking this page, what useful and handy tips! I would just LOVE to visit Toronto and this makes it soooo easy to do so and get great photos. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Is that really a museum up there (Spadina)? This sounds weird but the place just makes me excited, it reminds me of a few horror movies that were set at a similar place. I’m a fan of castles too so that one up there in Toronto is a Day 1 visit IMO. And those red leaves at that park, oh my. Now I’m hesitating between a winter visit or a fall visit.


    1. Fall is beautiful here. Winter is a bit trickier to get around but just as beautiful. I hope you enjoy your trip, whatever you decide.


  4. I can see why you selected these spots. I never thought about where would be the best spots to photo in my hometown but I think it’s something to really look into.


  5. We went to Toronto last year but I had no idea about these cool spots! I would’ve loved to take all the pictures. I’ll have to make a list for next time.


    1. Most of the people who live in Toronto have no idea. So many of my friends even commented to me that they never heard of them.


  6. Those are really beautiful places but some of these are my favorites like Scarborough bluffs, river dale park, Woodbine beach and more. Maybe a high recommended place to visit.


  7. Oh wow you found some really great hidden gems here. The rooftop pool looks so idyllic and stunning and I really love the quaint tea place too.


  8. I’m moving to Toronto soon and will definitely be going to all of these places!!


  9. So many perfect visuals in one post omg! Thanks so much for sharing! Not only great spots but now I just want to visit Toronto!


  10. We’re really enjoying Quebec at the moment but I would love to explore Toronto in the future! It’s really beautiful there and it’s also a bloggers dream for awesome photos!


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