Top Instagrammable Spots in Toronto: Part 1

Instagram has quickly become one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, forums for sharing photos and videos.  Many users seek to curate and capture those perfect moments to share with their followers. And many companies knowing that users are drawn to “instagrammable” spots, create opportunities to entice an audience.

This past year, working through the various seasons, I have come up with a list for my top 50 instagrammable spots in Toronto.

I figure since I love to travel, it’s nice to play tourist in my own city, while combining it with my love for staying active.

I challenge those of you both visiting and living in Toronto to take some time to check these spots out, and to explore them by foot.

Part 1 will showcase my first 25 spots. Some are popular, some pretty unique, and all are instagrammable.


1.  Lavelle

If you want a 360 degree unobstructed view of the city coupled with exquisite French cuisine, then you should check out Lavelle.



2. Distillery District

The distillery district is a pedestrian only national historic site filled with restaurants, boutiques and art studios.  During Christmas time, it becomes one of the largest Christmas markets in North America. It’s often a favourite setting for engagement and wedding shoots, so it should come as no surprise that it is up there for most instagrammable locations in the six.







3. Sugar Beach

IMG_8747 1.54.16 AM


4. Albion Falls

These falls aren’t exactly in Toronto (they are in Hamilton), but if you have access to a car, it is worth checking out – both in the winter and summer but BE CAREFUL. It can be slippery and there are signs in areas warning you not to go beyond. If the weather permits, it makes for a great hike.




5. The Darling Mansion

Located on Dovercourt, the exteriors of this mansion is breathtaking in the summer. Be sure to check it out this year.




6. Club Monaco Pop up Flower Market

Another summer favourite, located at the corner of Bloor and Avenue, you will find a flower market pop up. Last year they also had coffee and ice-cream too!

IMG_7860 2.06.35 PM




7. June Callwood Park

The pink park near Fort York



8. Outside Crown Flora in Parkdale





9.  Agha Khan Museum

The exterior provides a minimalist background, favoured by many bloggers and influencers. It requires a car to get there, but it’s a short drive outside the city and well worth the trip.




10. Her Majesty’s Pleasure

While this is the perfect spot for a gal’s get together over manis and cocktails, it is Insta worthy with all the decor, especially the patio in the summer.





11. Osgoode Hall




12. Collete Grand Cafe by Thompson Hotel

The decor inside is reminiscent of the victorian era with a minimalist look, and in the summer the outdoor patio looks like a tropical paradise.




13. Lawai’a Poke

The wall inside this poke restaurant qualifies as Insta goals



14. Industrial doors in Corktown

Part of a new condo building, my friend Stephanie showed me these doors and I fell in love. They are located around the corner from the underpass in Corktown.


Processed with VSCO with s2 preset


15. view of Toronto from Centre Island





16. Fika Cafe

Fika is one of my favourite cafes in the city as they make the best chai latte. Additionally, the wall of books is one of my favourite backdrops. And in the summer they have a hammock in the back!



17. the Patio of the Walton

Located in Little Italy, the patio of the Walton is the perfect spot for a coffee or drink in the summer and even into early fall with the outdoor heaters.



18. The patio of Kit and Ace at the Queen Street Location

This secret little hide-away has the cutest outdoor patio decorated pending the seasons.





19. Planta Toronto

Located in the Yorkvilles, Planta is one of my favourite restaurants in the city and it is definitely Pinterest worthy.





20. Cityplace Puente de Luz Bridge

The yellow bridge in City Place has a great view of the CN Tower and is perfect for jogging.



21. Kost

Located on the 44th floor of the Bisha hotel, this rooftop restaurant offers a great view of the city.



22. The Addison’s Residence Patio

If you are obsessed with leaf prints and tropical vibes, the patio and even the entranceway of The Addison’s is picture perfect.

Last summer, my friends Irina and Dee hosted weekly yoga classes so fingers crossed it returns this summer.




23. view of CN tower from Strachan and King Street at sunset or sunrise




24. University of Toronto, downtown campus

I admit I am a bit biased after spending 9 years at university here, but many times walking across campus or daydreaming outside the windows, I often felt I could be teleported to Europe.






25. Factory Theatre at Bathurst and Richmond

In the summer, the yellow tones and the lushness are a great combo for a picturesque photo.





If you are coming to Toronto, hope you get some ideas from this post.  If you live here, I hope I have provided a couple new suggestions for you to explore.

Stay tuned for part 2 where I have another 25 spots to share with you!




17 thoughts on “Top Instagrammable Spots in Toronto: Part 1

  1. This is an awesome picture collection, i can definitely see why each location is an ‘instagrammable spot’. I also love your editig and the pretty colours that shine through each image. Thanks for sharing i will certainly be seeking out these spots on a trip to Toronto.


  2. I really have been dying to go to Toronto. I meet so many people from there while traveling and very few have anything bad to say. It looks beautiful too!


  3. All spots mentioned by you in this post are instagrammable spots in Toronto. I would love to take picture at Albelion falls and Oosgode hall.


  4. Thanks for the Instagram tips! I had never heard of the Club Monaco Flower Market. Do you have a favourite Instagram location out of the ones you posted?


    1. The flower market has been popping up on Bloor the past couple of summers. And there are a few spots I love, especially the cafes.

      Liked by 1 person

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