Bootcamps for Change

At the end of 2017, I was scrolling through my Instagram (@scrubs2sweats) and I came across one of my fitness friend’s post featuring @bootcampsforchange. I am always keen to learn about the newest company or activity in fitness so made a note to check them out.

But “Bootcamps for Change” was not what I expected. It isn’t another fitness company geared to helping you change your lifestyle. Well, not really.

In their own words, Bootcamp for Change is described below.

“Bootcamp for Change” is a Toronto-based community of professionals and students, passionate about initiatives that create a sustainable and measurable impact in Canada. We organize weekly in-shelter fitness programming in Toronto with a range of professionals and companies, as well as run educational workshops and fundraising parties. Our fitness events are in support of the Jays Care Foundation- providing baseball programs and safe spaces to play for over 65,000 children and youth annually.


In a nutshell, Bootcamp for Change is a movement designed to help at risk Canadian youth through physical activity and participation in organized sports.

Bootcamps for Change has three research pillars: Mental Health, Physical Health, and Resilience. Through organized sports, youth experience more than just physical benefits. They can receive opportunities to build self-esteem, social skills, are less likely to drop out of school or participate in risky behaviour (e.g. drug abuse) and teamwork skills.

Earlier this year, coincidentally Katie, one of the co-founders, reached out to me and asked me to attend one of their fundraising events- a bootcamp led by Beverley Cheng at the Apex Training Centre. I agreed to attend and share the event on my Instagram stories. After meeting Katie and learning more about this organization, I knew I needed to do more to help out.



Some of Toronto’s Fitness Professionals at the event led by Beverly Cheng



Fitness Influencers with Co-founder Katie (top right in Blue Jays Shirt)


For starters, I try to keep my blog posts informative in wellness & travel, while limiting the amount of product pushing or company endorsements. But this organization really touched me and I knew I had to write a piece to help bring awareness to Bootcamps for Change.

Last weekend I attended another event at Love Child Social where there was a Pilates session led by Juelz Garcia from Zen Hot Pilates ( followed by a panel discussion with New View Collective  @newviewcollective ( Founders Shannon Grant and Lenore Cohen who connect students in Toronto for Mental Wellness) and This is Vibe Tribe  @thisisvibetribe (Lifestyle and Wellness Podcasters Rachel Hunt and Becka Crowe).




At Love Child Social with one of Bootcamp For Change’s Fitness Partner – Kelsey Rose


It was at this event that I truly understood the initiative behind Bootcamp for Change. I love these events more so because it allows me to connect with other like-minded individuals, they provide an opportunity  to try a different workout and most importantly to bring awareness to a great cause! You too can sign up for one of their monthly fitness events on their website (linked below) and support the cause.

There are also more ways to get involved- as a wellness professional, a student or a business. For more information, please refer to to their website.


Or you can contact the co-founders:

Katie Heggtveit at 647-244-0097

Kam Kuzminski at 306-501-1510


Additionally, their in-shleter fitness programming happens every week: Mondays at 3:30pm, Fridays at 1:30pm, and the third Saturday of every month at 2pm.


Please consider joining this important initiative.


I know I am looking forward to getting more involved with the organization. I especially want to be able to contribute to the positive impact of fitness and nutrition on a healthier lifestyle for all.


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